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, in another case of rebellion, a group led by individuals named Korah, Dathan, and Abiram gathered hundreds of Israelites to themselves and, claiming that their group was anointed by the LORD to lead the way, challenged Moses and Aaron.

The LORD told Moses to give the people the opportunity to choose who they believed should lead.

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It is self evident that the promise that God would give them a land filled with milk and honey, was a prophetic similitude of the glorious promise that Jesus would give us an eternal habitat in the kingdom of God.The resentment of Moses also occurred after Moses came down from the mountain.For instance, in addition to Aaron’s complicity in fashioning the golden calf, we also showed how easily he was swayed when Miriam, manifesting the Spirit of Deception, triggered another rebellion, when Moses was present.Since 1,260 years from the beginning of the Papacy had long since elapsed, and the believers had aggressively turned away from Catholicism in order the study the Scriptures for themselves, by the mid 16 In other words, just as the Israelites grew weary of not reaching the promised land, and thought a rebellion against Moses might hasten the end of their journey (and their arrival in the promised land), the prophetic expectations of the British Christians were being widely debated, and many Christian prophecy figures were proposing alternative courses of action for the churches.

This was a rather precise Prophetic Parallel of the multiple rebellions against Moses which occurred.The Fifth Monarchy, which asserted that the church should assert dominion over the earthly world, bears a striking resemblance to the Dominionist movement in our timeline.